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    Move Thermostat?

    Thermostat in front hall, 3.5' from front door. Front door was just replaced with a full view obscured glass door which faces south. Noticed that the short hallway is now a bit warm when the sun is out (its winter here) I could move the stat around the corner to the short stairwell going to the second level. It would only be a foot or so but it would be around the corner from the door.

    Does this matter? Is it simply something to live with and adjust the temp accordingly? When summer comes there is less heat as the sun is higher and may not effect the hall temp as much.

    Oh there is a return air at the bottom of these stairs on the opposite wall.



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    Reasons to move a t-stat: Hot or cold external influences, such as but not limited to; light bulbs, heating elements, cold drafts, warm bodies, sunshine or anything else that will either warm to cool the t-stat faster than the surrounding room(s) will warm/cool.

    Reasons to NOT move a t-stat: to balance the system. If one room is colder than the room with the t-stat, turn up the t-stat and let that room over heat while the colder room gets comfortable. Same result without the hassle and/or expense of relocating the t-stat.
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    Have your tech put in a wireless tstat closer to the return. In the long run the wireless will be cheaper as you won't have to pay to pull a wire.

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