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    Kind of reminds me of a change out of an upflow system years ago where the furnace was sitting on the floor. The salesman had just assumed that there was a return plenum and ducts under the house.

    I pulled the furnace out and there was just just open to the crawl space.
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    What a mess!
    In reality crawlspace/plenums work well if they are constructed as per guideline.
    For detailed instructions read: Plen-Wood System by NAHB research foundation
    NAHB Research Foundation, Inc. PO Box1627, Rockville, Maryland 20850, 301-762-4200.
    They are still code compliant.
    Looking at the posted pictures; whoever build that contraption had no idea what he was doing

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    And I am guessing they couldn't get to the air filter??

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    My brother and I are coming over to help with your "igloo" duct work job, we just need some airfare money...

    Good luck, sounds like your customer needs some too...

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    So I just got a call yesterday from a bone-headed general contractor asking me to clarify my proposal. I had no idea who he was or what he was talking about. After a minute I deduced that it was for this job with the crawl space return. In a meat headed, condescending way he informed me that he was going to take care of the ductwork and that I needed to lower my price on the furnace portion if I wanted any chance to get the job. He told me that in order to get the price lower his guys will take the old furnace out and dispose of it. When I told him that doesn't matter he got all kinds of pissed off "You mean to tell me that that's not worth $800, come on get real buddy!" At this point after this creep had the nerve to cut into my work, beat me up on my already reasonable price and then tried to berate me I got pretty angry. I went into a tirade with this guy on the phone and told him what the deal was. When I was done he wasn't such a tough guy anymore... So there goes that job. I looked up his company and found that they have only been in business 11 months and already have an F rating at BBB with 2 unresolved complaints and a couple more bad online reviews. I suspect their license will be revoked within the next 2 years at this rate. This is number 42 why I don't work for general contractors.
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