Mythbusters prove falling bullets can't kill

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pictured, the two homos from the TV show Mythbusters

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the shows takes urban legends and proves or disproves them.

the subject last week was , 'can falling bullets kill?'

in their research , (probably the only 2 people in America doing ANY kind of REAL research) , they found that bullets falling back to earth ,dispite their calibre, can only fall at about 100MPH before they are slowed by the air.

a falling bullet will fall on it's side and at 100MPH can not have enough power to break through a skull bone, or even break the skin.

they used wind tunnels to find the speed to duplicate the volocity, then actual bullets were tested in the desert.

their research contradicts years of government , AMA , and ACLU propaganda against the Second Amendment.

other then accuse people from the professional community of being out-and-out liers , they chose to rate their research as , not mythbusted , not busted , but possible, even though the bullets caused no damage.

about 6 years ago a watched a LAPD Sergent hold up a handfull of bullets and tell the media they landed on the roof of the 77th Street Division police department after New Year's Eve, was physically impossible.