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    somewhere between here and there
    just posted this somewheres else....

    3 times in last year i have come across systems that where piped for 2lb gas and had lo pressure meters in stalled

    they were all about 15 yr old installs.

    thing that really sux is that in one case we were out there last year for a furnace tune up and everything "checked" out ok....really???? i was called in for a tune up and i could not get my temp rise due to lack of gas pressure had 2.5 in i did the normal thing which was to turn up gas pressure....oops the last guy maxed out the valve....didnt even think to wonder why at max it still only had 2.5

    problem was telling the h o after about why he had to pay gas company to change out meter. hge went nuts....the last thing i was trying to do was throw my co worker under bus.....but i couldnt just pretend that my numbers were ok....we did fix problem and that is all that matters, but i dont think we made any money tho....

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    A couple of guys that used to work for our company installed a new compressor in a commercial application. It wasn't used for at least a year, then when occupants turned it on it didn't work. I guess they never did a start up when they installed it because somehow they left one or both plugs in the compressor ?!?! I didn't see what it looked like, but how does that happen?

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    Got a call late one evening on my way home, a tech had been out all day to replace a 3 phase compressor and couldn't get it to run,(i thought he probably has it wired backwards okay i will go out and help) I get there and he explains it wont run at all and it sounded locked up. I looked at the unit and then the new compressor and explained to him that a 460v 3ph compressor will not work in a 230v 3ph system.
    I explained to the customer that we had a bum compressor and would change it first thing in the morning and that made them happy.

    Oh BTW was a scroll compressor
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    More years ago than I'd like to admit, was sent on my first call of the day to a home for a 'water leaking from the boiler, bulkhead is open'. I went in the bulkhead, observed the old diaphragm relief valve leaking and boiler pressure at 30 psig, 180F, not calling for heat. Drained the expansion tank, reset boiler pressure and left. Right around quitting time I get another call, same house, "No heat". I go in the bulkhead, boiler is 100F, all switches 'on'. Check for power at thermal switch, no power. Go up the basement stairs and the woman/owner meets me at the basement door. I see the emergency switch is turned off and ask her, "did you know this emergency switch was off?", to which she answers, "Yes". She had no answer as to why she didn't just turn it on, as she had turned it off when she discovered the relief valve leaking. Wasted callback, customer induced. I had no reason to even guess the ES would be turned off. Some people...
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    Many many moons ago, running service, our company installed Keeprite A/C systems. Our installation crews were payed by the unit. They would do up to 3 units a day. Received a call 8 hours after our crew left the customers house saying "no cooling"
    When I arrived at the house, the unit was running I hooked up my gauges and the suction pressure was in a vacuum discharge very high can't remember exact numbers now. My first thought was a restriction. I reached to check the temp of the liquid line and it came off. The line-set was not screwed on. I tightened the fittings and the unit worked fine.....go figure.
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    How's this for scary? Years ago before I went out on my own I worked at a firm with about 12 trucks. Went on a callback for noise.

    One of the guys was out the day before on a C&C and inserted one of the burners in UPSIDE DOWN!

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