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    Questions to ask a potentional Employer

    What questions would you ask an interviewer for a position in HVAC
    Commercial ?
    thanks - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    Do you partake in on-going training?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mnfreeze View Post
    Do you partake in on-going training?
    I partake.....and we provide
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    How many layoffs have you had recently?
    How many techs do you have?
    How many clients and are you trying to expand?
    What do you do about trouble customers/workers?
    Is your equipment (vans, pumps, etc) regularly maintained?
    Do you offer/encourage training?
    Average hours worked per week per tech? (This one is becoming more important to me and may even be my opening question. One of my previous jobs i skipped this one and it got me almost immediately. Pay was good but they only worked 24-30 hours a week. You think they would have mentioned that in the interview! I got trapped in that job for about a year before i could get out. On the flip side my last job was a minimum of 48 hours per week but they were clear and up front on that and i was fine doing it. That company had a high turnover rate mostly because of that and has since gone out of business.)

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    what national accounts do you often do i get the watch,and for how long? how much do you pay for me to metally be on it without calls and is it port to port billable to each you have GPS"owner "OH i thought i mentioned that"...NO
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