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Thread: York error code

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    York error code

    I have a York Model # AHP30B3XH21A that shows an error code 5. This has happened twice. Is this an airflow code? Everything checks out OK otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackhawk View Post
    I have a York Model # AHP30B3XH21A that shows an error code 5. Is this an airflow code? .
    Fault Code 5 is a Soft Lockout:

    If the limit switch opens for a second long duration period during a single call for heat (fault code 5), the control will keep the blower locked on and lock out the heat outputs for one hour. The control will only reset this one hour lockout when the power is removed from the control. After the one hour period has passed, the control will re-energize electric heat according to the thermostat inputs using normal timings. The blower will remain locked on from the first long duration limit opening.

    I would check your airflow first. It is possible that you have a weak limit.

    This air handler is listed up to 0.50" w.c. external static pressure, including air filter, wet coil, and largest KW size heater.

    Airflow on High Speed at .50" w.c. is 1138 cfm.
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    Check your secondary, and coil.
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    Thanks for the information. I thought it was airflow, but wanted to be sure before contacting the owner. The unit had been off several hours each time we were called. It has a very bad duct system that needs to be revised. Everything else checked out on the system.

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