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Thread: 10 yr Maint.

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    10 yr Maint.

    Sup fellas,

    I have not posted on you guys site since i just started in the residental a/c business back in 07. I dont do much a/c/ work anymore as i am now i/e tech in a plant, and take care of regular maint of chillers.
    My question is we have (4) Carrier 17ex 48 57 chillers for process water cooling that have not had any internal inspection since installation in 2000. Operations does chemical cleaning annually and we had eddy current on one unit last year to get a baseline.(10% of tubes all were in spec) We have a shutdown at the end of this year a would like to contract experts to do a complete internal inspection on at least one of the units. My question is what would a "10 year inspection" include ? impeller,guide vanes, econimizer floats?

    Im not sure if i am allowed to ask BUT...
    if any one intrested in putting together a scope we will likely be going after bids in the next few weeks.

    Just outside Baton Rouge, LA

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    the chillers normally service must performed base on hours of operation for chillers carrier , need model and serial number before make any quote and hours of operation , also need to be necessary make a job survey on the units to check the log reading and the history of the units cant be possible give you a price with out make a survey on site, but we can figure roof number if help you

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