Replacing 2 complete systems in home. I have 3 systems to choose from. Wondering thoughts on each:

Contractor #1
Downstairs-Lennox- 45k btu 80% 1 stage furnace, 2 ton AC, 13 SEER
Upstairs-Lennox 90k btu 80% 2 stage vaariable speed furnace, 2.5 ton AC, 14 SEER

Contractor #2
Downstairs-Trane XR15 2 Ton AC, XR80- 60K BTU 80% 1 stage Model #'s 4TTR5024, 4TXCA024, TUD1A060A924
Upstairs-Trane XR15-2.5 Ton AC, Xv80- 60K BTU 80% Variable speed, Model #'s 4TTR5030, 4TXCB031, TUD2B060A9V3

Contractor #3
Downstairs-Trane XL15i 2.0 Ton AC System, Trane XL15i Split System,
4TTX5024 Condenser
4TXCB025BC Evaporator Coil
TUD2B060A9V3 Furnace
Upstairs-Trane XL15i 2.5 Ton AC System, Trane XL15i Split System
4TTX5030 Condenser
4TXCB031BC Evaporator Coil
TUD2B060A9V3 Furnace

Your thoughts are appreciated.