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    Replacing 2 complete systems in home. I have 3 systems to choose from. Wondering thoughts on each:

    Contractor #1
    Downstairs-Lennox- 45k btu 80% 1 stage furnace, 2 ton AC, 13 SEER
    Upstairs-Lennox 90k btu 80% 2 stage vaariable speed furnace, 2.5 ton AC, 14 SEER

    Contractor #2
    Downstairs-Trane XR15 2 Ton AC, XR80- 60K BTU 80% 1 stage Model #'s 4TTR5024, 4TXCA024, TUD1A060A924
    Upstairs-Trane XR15-2.5 Ton AC, Xv80- 60K BTU 80% Variable speed, Model #'s 4TTR5030, 4TXCB031, TUD2B060A9V3

    Contractor #3
    Downstairs-Trane XL15i 2.0 Ton AC System, Trane XL15i Split System,
    4TTX5024 Condenser
    4TXCB025BC Evaporator Coil
    TUD2B060A9V3 Furnace
    Upstairs-Trane XL15i 2.5 Ton AC System, Trane XL15i Split System
    4TTX5030 Condenser
    4TXCB031BC Evaporator Coil
    TUD2B060A9V3 Furnace

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

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    Read the attachment. If you do your homework, you'll know if the companies you've interviewed are doing theirs. Industry wide, the installing company has much more to do with the success of the final outcome than the equipment being used. That said and again industry wide, you've got basic systems (13-SEER single stage heat pumps and 80% single stage furnaces) to very advanced systems (multi-stage HP's and multi-stage or even modulating gas furnaces) from which to choose. Each company should have given you options and you choose based on the features and benefits that fit your budget. If they didn't give you a number of choices, why not? You're the buyer. Did you let them dictate the system they're offering or was it your selection? These are important questions with important distinctions and different comfort results. You're going to live with this system for many years and you're obviously concerned enough to as us. Yet we know nothing of the companies, your personal preferences, what you were offered or what you expect as a final outcome. Hence, the attached document to help YOU sort things out. Regards.
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    1. Unusual to need twice the heat upstairs as downstairs. Normally downstairs has more windows & doors plus heat rises so I question those numbers.

    2. Putting XR15 on basic furnace gets 14 SEER, not 15. You likely could save some green and just get an XR13 instead. 1 SEER point on a 2 ton unless your electric rates are outrageous doesn't save much.

    3. Highest grade equipment, fine if your budget can support it or you prefer it.

    skipped gives you some good advice there.

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    Thanks for responses. @skipped comfortable with contractor 2 & 3.
    Not being as familiar with different systems this is what was recommended.
    Can not open th PDF.

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    Both contractors 2 & 3 seem to size a bit better since they don't have oversized furnaces for the upstairs. i assume if you have two systems you are in a hotter part of the country as that seems to be more prevalent there. Contractor 3 is recomending the XL15i over the XR15. The XL15i is a quieter unit and has the option of a 12 year parts and labor warranty. It also has the weatherton top on it if you are around a lot of trees that could drop stuff into the top of your AC unit. I also like that contractor 3 put the variable speed XV80 in both the upstairs and downstairs. Variable speed is much quieter and more efficient and better if you were to add filters on since it will run the fan at 50% capacity in continous fan mode. With all things being equal Contractor 3 has a much nicer system in place for you that will be more comfortable and quieter so if you feel comfortable with him and they performed proper Manual j load calcs and verified ductwork go for it and report back with how you like it.

    Is either dealer a TCS dealer with Trane?
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