A replacement, Carrier, 4ton, h/p was installed 12/21/10. When the heat came on in Nov '11, we noticed it ran a lot. 5,7,10,14,17 hrs @ a time. The joker from Carier said it wasn't unusual for a unit to run 12 hours. Where? Alaska? Surely not NC piedmont.

The outdoor unit stays on. It changes from heat to defrost with the o/d fan sill running. If that fan stops, the airhandler runs for 90 secs then the o/d unit kicks back on. It cycles warm air-cool air -then warm again. If it would just get to 69o and turn off there would be no problem but one of the fans is constantly running, usually, the o/d .
I get irritated and turn the thing off but that doesn't solve the problem, long term. Actually, when I turn it off the house temp rises and will stay the same for 3-4 hours.

17 trips to fix it since 12/26/11. The thermostat, heat strips and blower module have been replaced. Leaks in the ducts sealed. Pressures checked.

With each "fix" the unit works gr8 for a day or two then its back to long run times. A monitor's on the o/d unit since Feb 6th. They said I had to leave it running and I have, until this morning 02/12. Outside its 23o. Set on 69o, it was 66. The unit had been running since 6:30 last night! I turned it off @ 6am. Temp immeniately rose to 68o.

The guys from the company are pleasant. Carrier's been guiding or mis-guiding them.

I've been more than patient but enough is enough! Its been 2 months. My Duke bill would have been out of reach if I hadn't had the unit off for 3 weeks and heated with space heaters, electric blankets and gas logs.

Suggestions are not only welcomed but encouraged. Thanks