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    Replaced breakers, now no heat

    I noticed my heat pump outside wasn't coming on and that the breaker at the disconnect had tripped. Since nothing outside came on at the heat pump, I'm assuming the emergency heat was coming on to compensate for that (doesn't strip only operate if compressor is running?), there was heat of some kind. Inside the basement at the air handler, I have another load center with two breakers. The breaker for the heat pump had burnt up at the wire and had melted the contact point on the load center and breaker. I got a new box and breakers and replaced them. I turned on the breaker that had tripped out at the heat pump and then turned on the one powering it. Also turned on the other breaker in the same panel for the air handler. Went to the thermostat and turned on heat. At the time, 62 in the house and thermostat set for 68. Outside was at about 55 high today. Well when I set the thermostat for heat the indoor fan came on and just blew cool air. When looking at the thermostat (digital) it says heat at first and then after a few minutes says aux heat. No heat comes out and also when flipped to emergency heat, no heat comes out.

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    Time to call for help. How about your HVAC instructor.
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    It sounds like you need to call a professional. Breakers do not trip and burn up for no reason.

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    Sounds like a cause and effect situation. Call a professional in and have them show you what caused the effect. I'm also thinking you might be dealing with more than one cause.
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