Hey guys, I'm in the middle of a career change (IT tech, don't like being stuck in the office, plus the money ain't that good with all that cheap labor waiting to be hired in India). Most of my work experience that had some real work in it was more on the electrical side, with a bit of carpentry thrown in the mix, but I've gotta buddy in the trade, so I figured I'd at least get some good advice while moving up the ladder from G-nothing (toilet brush, and MAYBE a broom if I prove myself).

Just started a gas tech program (G3/G2, Ontario). Found this place while doing a bit of homework on the tools I'll need for school and later on, on the job). Gonna do a bit of reading and ask a few stupid questions. On a good note, at least I know which end of the screwdriver is which and I've used pipe wrenches before (not as a hammer).