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    New guy from New Mexico!

    Greetings from the "land of enchantment" as we call it. Lots of sun and great weather here in southwest New Mexico.

    I should say, by introduction, that I went to refrigeration school 35 years ago, bought all the right tools, but never worked exclusively in the field. The knowledge has served me well, saving lots of $$ on my own appliances, and doing some commercial work.

    I am currently kinda retired, but self employed and really into Solarizing my home. I now heat my home with 10 hot water panels, 2 for domestic hot water and 18 PV panels which provide about 80 of my electrical needs.

    I am now exploring the refrigeration end of solar energy. I have read some on the new mini dc compressors that Aspen makes-- very cool product!!

    I am currently restoring and old porcelain lined sears coldspot 18 cuft chest freezer. The old comp was drawing 4.4 amps continuously!! Just not gonna work for a PV powered home. I have made a post about this project, hoping to get some specs and info about which new compressor to choose.

    Thanks to any and all


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    Welcome, you could bring a lot to the table if you get pro membership, that's primarily where the technical stuff is.
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    welcome aboard
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