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    Greetings from Southern Wisconsin!

    I've been posting occasionally for about a month and forgot to introduce myself. Oops

    My name is James, and I'm a service tech/installer/metal fabricator in my 12th year of experience, working for the 3rd company in my career (if the 3rd time is a charm, then I'm happy b/c I work for a great company now!). Hopefully I can achieve pro membership status soon, as I want to get into the oil burners and boilers forums. The company I now work for does extensive service in those areas, and thus far I'm only a forced-air specialist. OTJ training gets less frustrating every day. My goal is continued education, and if my experience can help anyone else, I'm willing to share knowledge and advice.

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    Welcome here!!

    Sorry about the no welcomes!!!!!!
    Worry is a really gross misuse of one's imagination. -- PHM

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