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    Is this a good deal

    I am in need to replace my current setup. It is a trane 3.5 ton Xb split unit on a zone system. The unit is only 7 years old but the compressor is failing due to undersized duct and overuse. What he wants to put in is 2 American standard units. A 3.5 and a 2 ton unit. I'm not sure which ones yet( gold or silver series). I have to find that out tomorrow. Replace the existing duct and all the labor to put it in and a 10 year parts and labor warranty on both units for $REMOVED tax and all. Does this sound ok. My house is two story at a about 2600 sq ft.
    This dealer is an American standard customer care and NATE certified.
    What do you think. Thanks.
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    5.5 tons for just 2600 sq ft sounds a bit much.
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    Ditto the above comment
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    Size of unit could be good depending on where you live. In Michigan 5.5 tons would be too much but in Pheonix it might be just right. Have the contractor show you the load calculation he did to prove sizing.
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    Except for the fact that your compressor is no longer working, did your existing unit heat and cool the home to your satisfaction?

    Where are you located?

    If the unit heated and cooled to your satisfaction, You can usually assume that adding another 40% to the size is OVERSIZING your unit. I can not see how you would be undersized by 2 tons when 90% of companies oversize equipment, it leads me to believe by statistics alone that 5.5 tons is oversized grossly.

    Any idea what size trunk lines you have coming from your unit or how many CFM's your existing unit is blowing, maybe your ductwork is just fine, its just undersize for this new 5.5 ton system.

    Get a second and probably third opinion on this.
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    alot of companies only make $$ for selling larger sized units or in your case two units like stated above if it cooled fine before get that size and fix your duct if its too small if your in indy il do it cheaper lool

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