OK here's some pictures of what I'm brainstorming:

Here's the said ducts in question, you can see the single supply duct that's supposed to cover ALL of the basement Ceiling is 7 ft already, under ducts is 6'3". (ignore the PA system, I'm a guy in my 20s and throw dance parties )

Here's the opposing wall where I'd like to put the ducts and build it out to hide them. This wall is 38 ft long

This is where I want to put the furnace. It's currently behind the left side of the wall, left of the open door. This way I can house the gas, electric and water lines and HVAC all in a single closet (accounting for combustion needs of course)

Existing furnace and ducts. This shot is the back of the wall you saw in the previous shot. The wall heater I have NOT used as I'm aware its flue slopes down and the insulated wrapping is likely asbestos. If I get the furnace moved, that entire wall would be gone.

Opposite shot of furnace, you can see how it's currently vented. The discoloration in the chimney, should I worry about that? The flue pipe itself is not rusted.

Upstairs in the kitchen, which is small and needs updating. This blank area is where the chimney is and is taking up space for a pantry, counter space or a wall oven.

Living room shot- those are both returns, in the exterior wall.

Here is where 2 supply ducts used to be. You can see how the hardwood floor doesnt exactly match as I had a wall removed there. The closet you see at the top of the shot (missing baseboard trim) is where I'd like to have the new vent run through.

For reference, here's where the 2 supply ducts were...