This is my first post on this forum I have a question, I just purchased the Honeywell Prestige HD YTHX9321R5061 Deluxe Comfort System Kit, was able to easily install this product, very simple just install the wires, make sure they line up with the proper letters and pretty simple from there.

I have a Vanee HRV that is not connected to my Furnace but is just connected to the BRONZE MAIN WALL CONTROL (Page 11 - So there are just 2 wires going to this control, a G and B.

I was hoping to wire the HRV into the Prestige but am not too sure how to do this, there is instructions on page 15 of the installation guide ( but I am not too sure just seems like I just hook the wires from the HRV to U1 and U2. I was hoping to do this myself if it is simple as hooking 2 wires but if it more complicated then I might call the professionals.

Thanks in Advance,