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    Those crazy Chinese and Donkey Stew

    Was watching Andrew Zimmer on the Travel Channel and of course he was in China at a "gourmet" eatery. They were cooking donkey stew in a large stock pot.... hair, skin, fat and meat. According to Andrew it was very tasty. The pot had been on the stove continuously for 7 years without ever being cleaned out. They just keep adding more water, donkey parts and herbs to it.

    Seems very strange to me but they have a different paradigm I suppose.

    Has anyone ever heard of this or happened to see the show?
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    Hormel uses compressed air to blow out the pigs brains,this is turned into a liquid.They send it to China for stir fry.I also hear they have wedding receptions at the local KFC!

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    Speaking of Zimmer, he's due to film a traditional New Mexico pig roast Jan 23 in the county next door to where I live. Nothing goes to waste in the ones I've gone to including blood pudding.
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    Hard to feed a billion people.....
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