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    Just looking for some ideas from anyone who has been at this longer than i have. Today, i had a no cooling call and cant figure out just what is going on. my pressures are not right.
    This is a Trane unit (xL1200 with a 40 air handler)and according to the charts and the inside and outside conditions, the pressures should be.....about 78 suction and 210 head. (r-22 unit). when unit is first started, it runs close to correct but after about 4 or 5 minutes...(i know it should run longer, but this is still not right)...the suction starts going down slowly and when it hits about 60, the head will make a sudden drop form about 300 down to about 220. it will settle down to about 55 and 225. i could live with 225, but not the 55.
    all registers in house are open now. filter is fine. i even tried it without the filter. original filter was wet and there were signs of icing on the distribution tubes inside. reversing vales seems to be working fine. i called my boss and he came and added a little more r-22....(i had already added 2 lbs.) i feel unit is overcharged now too. anyway, we left it running at about 59 and 250.
    i pulled the wire on the reversing valve to make it go into heating and the head pressure didnt go up but very little. something like 250 and it was 85 degrees outside and about 77 inside.
    in cooling, i am getting about 66 degree air inside the house with a return temp about 77.

    got any ideas????????

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    Due to Site Rules we are not allowed to discuss "step by step" or "technical issues" in this area.

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    I might disconnect the liquid line to the evaperator and purge the line.. Sometimes a ball of solder gets in there and restricts the flow.

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    Reg as a pro, then ask questions in the pro forum.

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