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    April Air 600 - water on the floor

    I noticed a small puddle of water on the floor under our April Air 600 humidifier. It was installed 10 years ago - we had our HVAC systems replaced last year, but since the April Air 600 was still working fine, our HVAC company did not recommend replacement.

    I turned off the water supply right away ....
    The inside of the return plenum was not wet .... but I can see signs of water residue (white dust and white water spots) around both the inside of the return and the outside of the return (reminds me of what a car looks like after washing it and forgetting to dry it ....)

    Water valve is not leaking as that is located on the side of the humidifier.

    My water panel was replaced 2 years ago. I should have replaced it this season (I asked the HVAC company to replace it when they performed other routine services this past fall, but they forgot about that request .... and I forgot about it as well.)

    There is pink stuff in the drain and the panel was covered with a pink film of "stuff" as well - looks like the mold you see in a shower that has not been cleaned in a while ...

    On the April Air 600 bypass systems, if the panel gets "gunked up," will it not drain properly? We are on well water and the panel is fed with pre-treatment system cold water. Our water is acid neutralized and softened.

    What service should I have our HVAC company perform on it besides the panel replacement and cleaning? It is 10 years old - are there parts they should be replacing that wear out and would cause it to leak internally?

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    I would have them install a tune up kit it comes with a tube ,orfice and a new inlet screen and pad, they should clean the complete humidifier and clean and flush the drain.And it will be like new

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    When people ask me about installing a humidifier and I find out they have hard water, I try to discourage one, or at the very least let them know that it'll need to be service probably 2 times a year.

    They'll tell me they have soft water, but the salt is as bad as the calcium. The Model #600 is very,very easy to service yourself. Normally all you'll need is to replace the water panel.

    Buy some metal (not the rubber Honeywell) water panels. I found AprilAire replacements at Lowe's (not available at Home Depot) under a differant name.

    My last AprilAire lasted 42 years. It was still working (never any repairs, just water panel replacements). The reason I replaced it was to get the newer, self regulating model #600.

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    Thanks for the information!

    I always make sure I am using the genuine AprilAire water panels. I tried a generic one once in our previous home's AprilAire and it did not work very well. I will ask our HVAC company to install a tune up kit, as that sounds like it would take care of any potential problems I may have.

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    never go two years on a pad even with soft good whatever water at least once a yr maybe 2 times

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    i believe the 600 and 400 models recommend the panals be changed twice a season
    2 years is a bit long for any pannel

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