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    When you guys are called out to inspect an HVAC in a residence to make sure its functioning properly what's the standard rule of thumb in terms of what you inspect? Would taking the taking the cover off and visually inspecting the coils to make sure theres nothing wrong be part of the inspection and how long should the inspection take? Would an notify the home owner of an excessive amount of rust and corrosion? Thanks, Tug

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    I've never been to a call where I specifically had to inspect someone's system but, I'd imagine that's pretty much synonymous with doing a maintenance. If that's the case, typically you'd check for refrigerant pressure, temps (return/supply split, superheat/subcool), electrical measurements, damage/wear to the unit/parts (contactor, wires, etc.), clean the coils and electrical compartment from any dirt/debris, and sometimes even spray down the evaporator. When I'm done, I'd go over everything with the customer whether I found anything bad or not. As far as the time it takes, it depends on certain variables but typically 30mins-1 hour. Guys who get paid flat rate will probably do it in 10mins though.

    Yes, the homeowner should be notified of everything found.

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    Thanks JigJoe

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    inspection is just that . . an inspection .. some ppl throw in filters .... depending on the initial agreement of what your inspection covers generally anything other than visual & motoring ops is an extra

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