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Thread: Trane Arkansas

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    I've seen some Trane Union branches and also Honeywell branches posting Service Apprentice jobs, but asking for Tech School degrees. What's up with that?

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    not if its from trane memphis

    Quote Originally Posted by allenb2626 View Post
    They are looking for new techs someone out of school i am have two years exp and went to school. This is for commercial service its union and i would have to ride with some one till i can prove myself. right now i am a service tech and have my own van where i work?.. Question is would this be a good move and better pay. and would union be better to work for and anything else anyone can tell me please go ahead and let me know what you have to say..
    i know guys working for trane memphis, it takes 5 years of apprentice school to make journeyman.
    and the home office of trane is in nashville. they hired this new state service manager. he came in and changed all the rules so that his commision check would go up while the workers money goes down. the memphis office has had over 65% of their senior techs quit, the memphis service manager quit, there is most likely more to follow.
    its too highly charged political drama for me. you might not care.
    If you cant cool it
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