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    Please let me know the correct height at which window air conditioner to be located.

    I find in many cases it is six inches from floor which may not be correct as the Bed /cot at 18 inches.

    In some cases I have found it is closer to the ceiling whereby the cooling is more closer to the unit where there is no occupant and more load/more power consumption if the ceiling is not insulated and exposed.

    Logically I feel two and a half feet or three feet from floor should be ideal as it will effectively cool upto the six feet level where the occupants are present

    Is any Manufacturesr guidance is available.Please furnish

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    I usually just set it on the existing window sill!

    But, I did see one under a window in an apartment complex -- made it handier for maintenance.

    Remember, people normally stand | sit near | on the floor. In fact, I only see someone hanging from the ceiling at the circus --

    also, conditioning the area near the floor saves ENERGY.

    I usually install window shakers with a slight tilt to the outside. re: level.

    height of unit is usually called elevation AFF [above finished floor]

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    If you putting in a through the wall unit, locate it higher up....about 6 ft, as cold air falls.Putting it near the floor is done often in motels, but higher is more effective. Also slant it slightly to the outside so it will drain properly.
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