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    Carrier Infinity Heat Pump

    Hey guys,

    I have a 3 year old Carrier Infinity heat pump. Over the past 30 days, it has started raising the following errors:

    83 - Low Pressure Lockout 4 Hours
    32 - Low Pressure Switch Open

    The system is a 4-zone, 4.5 ton system.

    The system does not consistently raise the error, and when the heat pump runs, it blows warm air. When the system raises the error, there is no ice on the outside unit - everything looks normal. The system "compensates" by running the first stage of strip (auxiliary) heat which, of course, costs more money.

    I had a commercial HVAC acquaintance tell me he thinks its the switch that needs to be replaced, and he says that would involve recovering/replacing the refrigerant.

    Before I call out a tech, I would appreciate your thoughts.


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    Call an experienced Carrier technician out. This is not a DIY site and we can't give advice in that area. If it is low on freon, make sure every attempt is made to find the leak, not just fill and run. At 3 years old, it should still be well within the manufacturer's original warranty and you don't want to do anything to void the coverage. Good luck!

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    Definitely not looking for DIY. Looking for quality opinions to prepare for discussion with tech.


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