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    Well. i work at nice bars and restaurants in my area, but i only do the cold side of the work and the rtu's its not too bad i do admit the people in the kitchen get in your way more often then not. thats why i am forced to come back early in the morning probably get there around 5am and get out of there by noon. but i know what hrs of the day i can go in there and what times are bad to head over. the managers there always give us a heads up. well ya the waitresses are pretty sweet. i learned how to work fast in certain situations. restaurant work isnt that bad but i think i am one of the lucky ones.
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    I did restaurants a while back. Laying in grease, pulling out rotton food from the back of the reach in. Oh wait, no it's a rotton mouse.

    Or the time I asked the kid to cover the deep fryer before I move the ceiling tile. No I'm too busy he say's, just do what you gotta do. So I move the tile, mouse droppings fall into deep fryer. Kid say's great now we have 12 herbs and spices.

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