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    requesting input on DV gas water heater

    Hey All -- I've spent a couple weeks now searching around your site. There's a *wealth* of knowledge here. Thanks much!

    I'm in VT. I have a 1-bathroom home, dishwasher, laundry. My wife and I plan to have ~2 kids and we often have guests. If we don't stay here long-term, we plan to rent it out. I'm shooting for 4-person accommodations.

    Concerns are:
    - Size: 40-50 gal. Lasting hotwater for kid's baths, multiple/guest showers, etc
    - Efficiency: don't mind paying up front if it makes sense; prefer .90+
    - Cost: staying < $ installed, if possible
    - Longevity: 12yr warranty
    - Noise: quiet! DV preferred

    My current water heater is on it's way out (so says my inspector). It's 40gal and vents through the chimney. It's 12ft from the outside wall. I just had a 96% condensing furnace installed, with an electric sump that drains into my sewer pipe in the basement. A brand new outlet is right next to the furnace/sump/WH, so a PV could be *easily* added. I have a chimney, but would really like to go Direct Vent for quiet. The furnace vents out the side wall.

    I've looked at mostly Rheem and A.O. Smith. I find the Vertex series (GDHE-50) to be a bit overpriced and probably overkill, but could be convinced otherwise. It seems to be priced mostly on it's "hype." Asking local vendors/contractors, everyone seems to be biased to their own, of course.

    I'm a big DIY guy, not afraid to try things out, and have a few contractor friends. I wouldn't mind doing the install, but plumbing/gas makes me a little nervous due to the risk if I it up lol

    Any suggestions on models?
    Any other advice?

    Thanks again, in advance. This forum is awesome.
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    get some quotes from local contractors.

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    I haven't gotten any quotes on WH prices and install prices yet, but the 4 contractors I've asked (over the phone) all seem biased to their own brands/methods.

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    they shouldbe able to size it properly. you can then use the quotes for product research.
    if you are concerned about noise you may want to look into a tankless on demand. a contractor will need to size this unit for you and install it. most contractors, and people for that matter, are biased towards any product.

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    Power vent types tend to be noisy with that inducer roaring away above them. The chimney vent type can be inaudible. My Lochinvar (Bradford-White) just whispers a bit with the burner on, gotta put your ear down by it. The tankless I've heard are quiet but won't like the installed cost and payback in a vacation home probably will never happen. If you add maintenance, they probably won't pay in a standard lived in home.

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