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    My heating and air vents appear to be the same. When the unit (heat or air) is on there seems to be a vague odor which reminds me of cat litter. The heater is in the basement, the air unit outside. The filter is in the basement in a big metal cabinet. There is no odor in the basement. What can I do to get rid of the odor. I just moved in here in Feb. and at first thought the odor was from cats the previous may have had. But the only time it smells is when the unit is on.

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    Call out a contractor for a full inspection.A simple odor could be something more serious.
    Take your time & do it right!

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    Lightbulb Try this......

    Your cat suspicion is probabley the correct assumption. We have a customer who started complaining of the foul oder. We pulled the floor registers putting your hand down the ducts feeling the dampness. Sure enough it was cat urine. The home owner didn't beleive us at first, but while we were talking her cat walked up to the register squated and urinated into the vent.
    Service call $99.00,
    The look on her face priceless.

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    99 bucks is not gonna be enough if I have to put my hand in cat piss. You let her off easy and I'll bet that scene continues.

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