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    Hey Jultzya;

    That is one impressive list! I'm just a windsheild watcher. I have no idea what goes into the companies per hour they charge customers.. I know it's not just my salary.

    On that tank I installed last week, the customer tried to get me and the other guy to think that since he was being charged x, that we must be making y. We couldn't stop laughing at the poor guy. He then kicked us out of his house for insulting him. I guess... It was funny though..

    Off of you list I noticed there is shrinkage.. Is there really shrinkage? -Ha!

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    Originally posted by city
    Acually when is a pacakaged system used in a home instead of a split system?
    When there is no good location for a split system and the package system makes better economical sense.

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    Originally posted by atufano
    Off of you list I noticed there is shrinkage.. Is there really shrinkage? -Ha!
    As George Costanza would say:

    "I was in the pool!"

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    yes you can get them set up for propane you can also get them in heat pump maybe they seem higher now but once you take into consideration warranty and extras that you will need such as duct electrical gas line you willbe better off in long run with local contractor . ebay unit may be new but it may be stolen off jobsite and warranty claim likely wont be honored if it gets there and shipping damage has occurred who you gonna call? some shady characters do business on ebay according to latest reports Ive heard .

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