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    Ask yourself if it was truly "for the good of all" or not? If you honestly believe thsat your company is trying to do well by all three parties, its one thing, and only you can be the judge. If it isnt clearly that way, start looking.

    When I was younger, the company I worked for used to tell us that "it will be slow for the next X". If we could find temporary jobs at say the local refinery for a shutdown or something, they encouraged it, but would bring guys back as soon as work picked up. The young guys used ot hit the shutdowns, the old guys stayed put and collected wages when they could. In addition to working all winter, they allowed us to keep our company vehicles, and even take them to work for another contractor. That was truly "for the good of all", but these things are rare indeed in todays' market.

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    Without knowing how your work performance stacks up against the other guy's I see a company that made the best out of a hard decision.

    Best thing to do is keep your attitude positive, hit the books, brush up on some skills, look for some side work etc. ask around the shop to help out, warehousing, inventory, cleaning trucks, shovelling ****. Whatever it takes.
    Keeping yourself busy is important, otherwise you'll end up dwelling on it and becoming jaded.

    Lastly...loyalty is tested during times of hardship not times of plenty.
    You cannot cheat an honest man. But that doesn't stop people trying!

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