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    Trying to install gas logs, but getting stuck in the drilling

    Hello! I'm hoping someone here can help us. We are trying to install gas logs in the house we just bought. We had them installed at our old house, and now have access to the tools we need to install them in our new home, or so we thought. My husband is able to drill about 12 inches into the brick wall, but then he is hitting something that is allowing for no further drilling. He has tried 2 spots on the inside and 1 spot on the outside to no avail. I've tried to search the internet, but I am not coming up with much. Is there some sort of metal boxes put in between the fireplaces? The house was built in the 60's if that makes a difference. He has tried using a concrete drill bill and a steel drill bit and gets to the same stopping point. Does anyone have a clue as to what he might be encountering? It's driving him nuts, and he is determined to get this done himself. Thanks for any help or input!

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    It is possible that it could be a metal box with brick on inside and out, the next trick I would suggest is try a 1/4" spotter bit metal, now one other issue it may be way to thick for the spotter bit as well...

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    I would suggest to you that installing gas piping and gas appliances are NOT DIY projects!

    Please call in a pro.

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    I second hearthman. Gas is not something to fool with.

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