I posted duct trunk sizes this morning, it's the last post on page 3.

30x40 single story, 8' side walls, basement constructed of 8x8x16" concrete block, with the top two rows of blocks exposed to air, ten rows buried. Basement is not living space, furnace and water heater are down there. Isolated from the living space only by subfloor and thinly padded carpet, with vinyl flooring on about 1/5 of it.

Out of 140 linear feet of outside walls, 22' are sheltered by the garage and 20' sheltered by the enclosed porch, 98' are exposed. I'm assuming the sides are insulated with 3 5/8" of loose fill cellulose, sheathed with cellotex and 1/8" foam under the vinyl siding. I'll have to pull some siding and check the wall fill, if it has settled I will be pumping more in to get rid of the voids.

I'd assign R10 to the exposed walls, but what number do I use for the sheltered walls on my load calculations?

Probably had 6" of cellulose upstairs, I'd call it 5" now. No big deal, 30 more bags would bring it up from R19 to R44, assuming the drywall can take 1.5lb / sq ft.

Windows: I've got 101 sq ft (rough opening) of 1994 vintage triple pane vinyl windows, a 54 square foot window that's about 60% fixed double pane and 40% sliding triple pane, and a 42 sq ft aluminum frame sliding door with an enclosed porch on the other side.

Doors: There are three 3' insulated steeel doors, one has a storm door over it, the other two are sheltered by the enclosed porch and the garage.