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    Does anyone know

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    ......If you set the master bedroom for 72F and are quite comfy there but want it to read 70F instead of 72F, then tell the tech you'd like to have a 2F offset downward. Same for all the other rooms/zones.
    Does anyone know the procedure for adjusting the offset? I did it myself on an Amana unit that I owned a few years ago. I'd like to do it rather than call a maintenance person out for something that simple. I have the installation manual which shows the set-up and programming; however, I read it from cover to cover and could not find a reference to the offset adjustment (on the main Infinity thermostat). I need an adjustment because the temperature being sensed is incorrect (too high by 2 degrees). Thanks for any assistance.

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    It's on page 8.

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    ruralvoice, you are not allowed to post in other peoples threads. Please read site rules, thank you.

    I made this its own thread.
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    Thanks very much. I missed that. Next time I'll make sure its a new thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hvacrmedic View Post
    It's on page 8.
    Thank for the answer. I see it now (must have been blind before), and have implemented the necessary offset.

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