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    New Goodman System

    I am brand new to the site and am looking to replace my current heat pump/Air handler system. I've gotten quotes from installers who seem to specialize in their selected brand: Trane, York, Lennox, and Goodman. The guy I'm leaning toward is the goodman dealer. However, the more I read on other sites, the more I see people think Goodman is junk. However, others have said that if the unit is pretty good, all the brands should be pretty reliable. I haven't read the exact warranty terms for Goodman yet (I'm going to read those next), but the guys said it was a 10-year parts AND labor.
    I tried using the AHRI website to figure out what the actual SEER and HSPF would be with these components, but I couldn't figure it out. I live in Seattle, so the temperatures are typically pretty mild and the heating is what I'd be using mostly.

    Here is the system that is being recommended:

    Heat Pump: DSZ-C160241; 2.5 ton
    Air Handler: AVPTC183014
    Thermostat: CTK01AA

    -Is Goodman junk, or is it a good system?
    -Has anyone experienced their warranty policies if it is installed by a professional?
    -Is this system setup good?
    -Is this going to be an efficient setup?

    Thanks a lot in advance for any advice you can give.

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    Any tech that is honest will tell you the install quality is the most important aspect in the longevity and efficiency of any system. Others that are brainwashed will tell you brand is most important.

    If you are looking for zoning systems brand is important since you are not Goodman is an excellent choice if the contractor takes the time and does things properly.

    What did the Goodman contractor do that impressed you more than the others.

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    Everyone that I spoke to seemed to be knowledgeable and took the time to look into the right systems. After meeting with 4 companies, I met with this company because he had a lot of really favorable reviews on google. He didn't have a great sales pitch, but that also meant he wasn't trying to sell me on the most expensive units. He also spent the time to look at my existing air handler and figure out why it isn't working. My house was cold and now it is enough to get me by for a while. (description of my problem below).

    He basically, like all, has said it is all about the installer. But that was partially in response to the fact I was getting other quotes. Since this guy seemed as good as the others and was substantially cheaper and all the systems had warranties, I was leaning toward this.

    My current heating problem (if interested):
    My system is a trane that is dated to be 16 years old. (I don't know exactly since I bought the house 3 years ago). Every once in a while, the air coming from the vent is not hot at all. Heat pump and air handler are running, but no heat.When I switch to emergency mode, it does not help. The fan is going but no heat. If I reset the breaker to the heat pump, after a few minutes, the heat pump turns On again and heat returns. This fix usually lasts 2-6 weeks. A few days ago the 'fix' wouldn't work, so I called guys for quotes. The goodman guy looked at the air handler (and didn't charge me) and figured out that the thermostat isn't telling the air handler to heat when the heat pump isn't working or in emergency mode. He hotwired it to see if it would turn on the heating element (which it did) but unhooked it and said it'd be hazardous to keep it like that. Long story short, I think the best solution is doing some research and replacing the pump, ah, and stat, rather than trying to figure out the exact wiring problem and why the heat pump needs occassional resetting. Like I said, I really know little about this stuff-sound like an appropriate solution?

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    The set-up you mentioned in the OP is a good one, & it's the communicating option. Comes w/a lifetime compressor warranty, 10yr all parts & it could come w/a 10yr labor warranty as well (standard labor is 1yr).

    You said it's a 2.5ton system but it is not: no mfg makes a two-stage, 16SEER system; rather, it's a 2ton.

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    2,744 large is ur home? Is it a condo? Where is the filter located? How large is the filter?

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    Substantially cheaper? That kinda scares me. It sounds like you're liking the guy because of this. Most should be in the same ballpark price wise. You're gonna have the very expensive and very cheap bids. Toss them in the trash and look in the middle.
    I like DIY'ers. They pay better to fix.

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    The filter is right next to the furnace (also being replaced) and is the 4" pleated type.
    My home is 2 stories and about 1800 sf, the ductwork runs below the upper floor (along the ceiling of the basement). The basement was originally unfinished.

    I'm surprised to hear no one sells 2.5 ton cause that is what everyone has been selling me.

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    Part of the reason it is cheaper is because the trane cam in around 8k with the below specs. I said that because of the reputation of trane, it didn't make sense to go with him unless there were real savings. The other thing (I think) the trane quote was a single stage heat pump with a variable speed air handler. I told him I liked the benefits of the vs air handler. I guess goodman can't be paired with a vs air handler unless you do a 2 stage heat pump, so he made that upgrade and came in cheaper

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    Trane specs

    Hyperion ah
    XR 15 single stage heat pump
    Prestige thermostat

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    Most of the companies I've called were highly rated on google/yelp and/or were the recommended dealer on the trane/lennox website. I tried to make sure everyone was spec-ing similar components for their particular brand. All with variable speed AH's, but this was only one with 2-stage heat pump. This guy is the smallest company of them, but does look pretty official (truck and website). Company has been around since 95.

    I couldn't find anything that said goodman supplied a 10-year labor guarantee, so I was going to ask him to include the "goodcare" coverage for free. Does anyone know if that is really expensive? I was thinking that way, I'd have more assurance.

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    The guy is listed as one of the dealers that comes up from the goodman site. I assume that means he's at least not a guy who is posing as an HVAC installer and just buying stuff online or something.

    I guess one other thing I'm curious about is approximately how much it costs him to secure the "goodcare" because I am going to ask him to include that for free. Is this a realistic request given that he said several times the manufacturer included labor in the warranty and that it assured that if his business was gone in 5 years, I'd still be covered...meanwhile, I can't find anything including labor in the regular warranty, only available with "goodcare."

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    Quote Originally Posted by michio3483 View Post
    The filter is right next to the furnace (also being replaced) and is the 4" pleated type.
    My home is 2 stories and about 1800 sf, the ductwork runs below the upper floor (along the ceiling of the basement). The basement was originally unfinished.

    I'm surprised to hear no one sells 2.5 ton cause that is what everyone has been selling me.
    You say ur home is a 2-story, but I think, from ur description, it's a
    900 s.f. ranch with a 900s.f. basement.

    I don't call a basement the "first floor". That would make more sense because of the 2 ton HP sizing.

    Yes, you can get a 2.5 ton "single" stage HP or A/C, but not in a "2-stage" model.

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    It is about 900 SF on the main floor (the ducts run directly under this floor) and 900 SF on the daylit-basement floor (utilizes mostly same ducts that run along the ceiling). Do you, generally, think it's a problem if the model he is quoting is a 2-ton if the existing (16-year old) heat pump is a 2.5 ton?

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