I recently built a house with a York Affinity 9C furnace and air conditioner, along with a York 160 HRV. I had the TTSCC01 communicating control installed.

When they installed the system, they did not hook up the HRV to the communicating control, only to it's own control (RD-4P).

I run the HRV continuously on low speed, with controls in the bathroom to turn it up to high. The installer tells me that this cannot be done through the communicating control, and the communicating control will only turn it on high or turn it off, depending how you program it. Example you can have 20 minutes on/40 minutes off per hour. But I want it to run low all the time, and only high when called for by a bathroom switch, but he says this cannot be done.

Can anyone confirm that my installer is correct?

Thank you.