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As somebody who went to a trade school and can't seem to find a company who will hire me without experience, I'm really curious to hear how you guys got your start in HVAC. Some stories should help inspire us trying to enter the field that it can be done as a newbie. Did you go to school for it or start out as a helper or installer or something? How did you hear about the job opening? It's almost like you have to be a family member to get your foot in the door the way I feel right now. So tell us your stories...How did you get your foot in the door?
The best way to get started is to "Know somebody".

Or you can get started like I did. In building maintenance.Doing menial tasks such as changing filters, oiling motors- we used to do that back in the day.Cleaning coils, flushing condensate lines, replacing motors the real tech 86'd,draining the water out of the compressor tank, adjusting the belts in air handlers,and doing the job that no self respecting tech would be caught dead doing...............servicing the evaporative coolers. There is a property out there somewhere that needs somebody to fix their stuff. The fastest track to becoming a tech is lots of work.