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    Exclamation Ultra Fryer Customer service - Non-existant?

    Has anyone else had lousy customer service with UltraFryer ?

    I left 4 messages for their tech/parts departrment and numerous phone calls and they never answered or called me back.

    I am to the point to tell existing UltraFryer customers to call the junk man to haul it away and buy something with some parts and tech support......

    One time in the past when I did get a human on the other end, I asked about parts for the internal grease pump. The fryer is only 5 years old and the parts were discontinued. The person said the had a kit that 'MIGHT' work, for alot of money.

    We had to explain to the customer that we were not going to get in a situation for thousands of dollars in parts and labor for a kit that 'might' work. We encouraged them to go buy a portable grease filter and everyone would be much happier. After some grumbling they finally did.

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    Try telling a customer that the reason their vat welds failed on their UltraFryer is because they drained the grease out of it right after shutting it down and the cool air hitting the hot tank created hairline cracks in the welded seams.....That bit o' wisdom came direct from UltraFryer tech support, along with a warranty rejection on the leaking vat.....I despise those units with a passion and wish you the best of luck.

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