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Thread: Honeywell XBS

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    Honeywell XBS

    Hello everybody,
    I'm trying to move Honeywell XBS to new PC. Previuos PC(win98 OS) was using rs232-rs485 converter to communicate with XL50 controllers over c-bus(that was told to me by maintenance guy).
    I have installed honeywell xbs to another pc which is running windows xp. But option for c-bus in local ports configuration is not available. I see "PC monitoring" and "XM100/XMD506" options. PC monitoring is disabled.
    So is it possible to use pc serial port to work with C-bus under windows xp?
    If i buy BNA adapter. Configuration for this adapter is made over web interface or it is needed to buy application(Care?)?

    Also i have tried to run xbs under another pc with win98 installed. There was option for c-bus over local serial port. But xbs shows error if i select any of serial ports for c-bus communication: error from driver code -32. What does it means?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Please excuse my owful english.

    If your pc doesn't have IDE slots for the XM110-Card (?, adapter for C-Bus) you have to use a BNA that interfaces between the C-Bus and the Ethernet port of the pc. For the dongle you need a LPT1: port.

    You have to define the IP adress of the BNA in the BNA-setup when the BNA ist connected by a Null-Modem-Cable to a RS232 port. This IP adress must appear in a file as you declare in the XBS setup only a reference name but not the IP adress directly.

    Greetings from Germany.

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    The latest and last rev of XBS would best work with a BNA, especially on Win XP. You would need to set the IP of the BNA using a 232 cable. Honeywell have useful software to do this (Clif configurator). The BNA is configured in the XBS setup.

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