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    newbie question about heat pumps

    I have a fairly new heat pump; it’s a 2010 Goodman gsz13 13 seer with the air handler in the attic. Is there anyway to add a gas furnace to the system without changing the whole system? (There is a gas hook up to the house, just not hooked up.) We have had some what of a cold winter, here in va. The heat pump doesn’t make that great of heat and we have some what high electric bills.

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    you can replace the air handler with a furnace and coil and install a dual fuel thermostat .I would have the heat pump checked as it should keep the house warm

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    Thanks, that what I wanted to know. Is there anyway to use a high efficiency furnace in the attic, it does get pretty cold up there? What could i expect to pay to add a furnace to my heat pump?

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    Unfortunately, this forum does not allow pricing questions.

    Generally, you do not place high eff 90+% efficient condensing furnaces in an attic location because of possibility of freezing. Based on your Va location, you could probably get away with this even though there would be minimal risk.

    Talk to an HVAC pro about your options and the necessary controls needed for dual fuel system.

    Good Luck!

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    If done corretly you could place a 90% effecient furnace in the attic. I have one and also live in VA.

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    I am trying to figure out where they are that it is cold in Va.

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