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Thank you for this link. My understanding of the refrigerant side of things could use some work, and seeing this sort of thing helps.

I had been pulling a vacuum using a manifold before now. That made a lot of things clear, and once I start doing work on refrigerant again I'm definitely investing in a micron gauge for pulling a vacuum. I've been mostly stuck on the furnace and water heaters for a couple years now so I've gotten somewhat rusty and pretty out of touch with proper practices.

Anyway, just wanting to leave a thank you note.
Never a problem. That's the biggest reason that most of us are here. TO LEARN!

When I started out, I pulled a vacuum through my manifold, watched the needle on the low side, listened to the vacuum pump and thought I was doing things properly.

My evacuation procedure is quite a lot different today, and I'm still not sure I'm doing things correctly.