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becarefull of your ph is to low it will eat through copper tubes ,on those recold .or old dunbush .evap . condesers 'they do make a copper inhibiter 'most of the time with sileca scale being glass its bound up with calcium and magnesium,so it slide out .or pushed out. after you run your acid or solution through it.I ALLWAYS RUN METAIL INHIH .AND COPPER INHIB ,THROUGH IF POSIBLE USE SODA ASH TO NUTRALIZE MY PH .

We are talking about rydlime... it has inhibitors in it and has been in use since the 1940s...

if you feed it above a 50% solution you could have metal falure, but you wont
if you keep in the specs.

and yes brushing the tubes is a good idea when your done with the chemical