We completed a condenser bundle cleaning yesterday on both of our 350 ton carrier chillers using the RYDLYNE product. The stuff worked great! But…
We started with chiller #2. Upon completion of the cleaning we removed the head on the condenser bundle and inspected the tubes. We found a good bit of copper loss in the head cover well. RYDLYME says it’s not corrosive, eroding or will it attack copper.

We reduce the amount of RYDLYME used in the chiller to 25 gallons and cleaning time to 2 hours. Upon inspection of chiller #1 tubes we found only minute amount or copper in the head cover well.
Not sure if the copper was trapped in the scale from the start or came from another source. We did isolated the bundles.

We used what was recommended by our Rep. I was wondering if anyone else had similar issues using this product. I waiting to hear back from RYDYNE, we send them the copper samples and waiting to hear back from them.