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Thread: one cold room

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    one cold room

    The cold room is farthest from the furnace. All ductwork is in a crawl space which is not insulated but not cold. The cold room shares a return with the adjoining room. There is a 3/4 inch gap under the door which allows some air to return to the common areas of the house. Would a constantly running fan help? Is there a good strategy to moderating the heat in the house/ improving the airflow to/from this room?

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    Running the fan will help, but can't sy how much. Not enough info about the room or duct system.
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    Any reputable company that does duct installations should be able to help out. You'll know if they're reputable if the insist on doing a full room-by-room load analysis before they'll touch the duct system. A good tech can just look at the ducts and often see issues. But that does not give him/her the total picture. So...start with the phone call and the appropriate question, "How do you size ductwork?" If they don't say something to the affect of "By doing a load analysis", or "By Manual 'D'" then keep looking. It'll probably take a bunch of calls before you find the right company. But when you do, please mark their number in your favorites notebook for reference now and forever, as you've found a winner and while costing more, their worth their weight in comfort.
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    Does the room stay warmer if the door is left open?

    If not, it's not likely starved for return air. It's starved for SUPPLY air.
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