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Sheet metal is about $41 + bennies. Total pkg is ~$65 ish. Do not have a current wage sheet.

I see a HVACR or HVACR Service union further splintering the industry. The existing building trades + service will be more limited to building trades only. Smaller number of people working.

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You really think so? I'm talking about having the entire HVACR (Refrigerationfitting & HVACR Service) & Pipefitting from the Pipe Trades Union, we really have nothing to do w/plumbing or sprinklerfitting, having the Ducting & the Ducting Auditors (T&B) from the Sheet Metal Works Union, we really have nothing to do w/decorative sheet metal or metal roofing, having the BAS from the Electricians Union, we really have nothing to do w/high voltage wiring, all w/an HVACR Union instead. Also getting anybody out from the Operating Engineers Union & other Unions unrelated to our trade. Do you get where I'm going w/this?