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    Question Is this Corrosion on Heat Exchanger an issue &/or something to be worried about?

    I am buying a house from a builder in pre-foreclosure and therefore getting a very good price on the house. But I am concerned about one of the furnaces in the house...

    In looking at one of the furnaces (2008 Goodman 95% eff 92,000 BTU unit), I discovered the unit leaking at the exhaust flue and a small spot of corrosion on the heat exchanger. (see pic)

    I am wondering if this is an large issue and if so how it needs to be addressed &/or how one of the professional would advise me to handle it.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

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    The rusty screw is not on the heat exchanger. On the assumption that the house has not been occupied, the rust may be from humidity because the air conditioner was not operating.

    Goodman is an inexpensive brand often favored by builders and landlords looking for a low price. (I may take some flak over that comment.) It may be worth having a knowledgeable HVAC contractor check the installation, sizing and equipment for your peace of mind.

    I wish you well with the new house.

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    I was not referencing the screw on the right. I was talking about the corrosion on the left. The mark is on the right side of the opening.

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    That could be a sign of something causing the flame to be weak or "rolling out" and touching the area where it is rusting. I would ask to have a professional come out -on your dime and your choice of contractor- and do a full check on the system, and then report the results directly to you, since you are the one paying them they will give you an honest answer. If it turns out to be serious enough to require replacing, you can use that to barter the price of the house down a little more to cover the cost.
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    Looks like some flame impingement at the flue opening. Could be a partially blocked cross over vane on the in-shot burner or some other anomaly, like low gas pressure in the manifold. You say you're getting a really good deal on the house and expecting to have to fix up a lot of things isn't something that should be a surprise. Rest assured the heat exchanger has a lifetime warranty if you can convince the wholesaler you've owned the house since the unit was installed. That's the requirement on a "Limited" lifetime warranty. Otherwise, you can run it till it fails and then have a new one, properly sized using Manual 'J' installed for greater comfort.
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