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    Pay should be roughly 40 percent of the labor rate of any given area. Employers to often look at the gross receipts generated by the employee and then complain about the net into their own pockets. Employers should shoot for a 30 percent profit off of any given employee. So 40 to the employee, 30 to the employer, 30 to overhead which if you run more than 22-25 percent your incompetent, unorganized, or doing something else wrong.
    and remember, were only talking labor not parts and the parts is what helps pad the margin.

    Personally, I currently am paid 44+ an hour, my gross income is 120,000 per year counting bonuses and profit sharing not including insurance etc.
    I generate about 100,000 in profit for my employer per year in his pocket after all expenses.
    My employer has a happy employee, who will work well and not complain and do his customers right.
    My employer has a happy customer because his employee treats him right because he's happy.

    customer is always number two
    the employee is always number one.
    reason being is without a happy number one employee you'll never have a happy number two customer.
    take er easy.

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    p.s. I do commute 10 hours per week but only spend about 30 hours actually working.

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    i live in kansas city our hourly rate is $97.00 our hourly rate plus benefits is $51.00 clearly not 2.5 this business is 35 years old does about 13 million a year and is very solid maybe you do not have to charge 2.5?

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    my hourly rate with benefits...45 base. 22k a year in bonus thats about 12 more. 15% profit sharing...humm thats another 15k, insurance, humm what else... that comes in at about 68 bucks an hour with benefits... heh wish i had the cost of living of kansas though....

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