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Thread: r s e s?

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    r s e s?

    Has anybody heard of them are they good Wondering. Or should I just signed up with c f e s a instead Refrigeration service engineers society thank you?

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    I'm a RSES member. Our chapter is just getting up and running again after a period of innactivity.

    RSES is an industrywide organization. By that, i mean thier/our focus is on everything HVAC/R related, not specific info for refrigeration, or food service equipment etc. As a member you'll have access to meetings/trianing sessions, the SAM, information on legislation affecting the industry, NATE/Ice training, air quality, and the list goes on.

    I've only been a member for a short time, but I have learned alot through the monthly magazine, and the few training sessions I've been able to attend. I highly recommend it for someone that wants to continue thier education, no matter how young or old.

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    RSES rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Chops. You are very lucky to be in an area with an active chapter. It makes all the difference in being a member. I think it means different things to different people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trublshter View Post
    Chops. You are very lucky to be in an area with an active chapter. It makes all the difference in being a member. I think it means different things to different people.
    I agree, I tried to get the local chapter up and running again about 15 years ago but most companies too guarded about their business so it didn't last long before infighting ruined it.
    When I lived in Edmonton, Alberta, RSES was the best source of info, industry related friends, and training found. That was before the internet and info was hard to find. Now for me, HVACTALK, RSES, in that order!
    Check out the RSES site if you haven't already.

    Speaking of Edmonton, are there any HVACTALK members from there or western Canada for that matter?

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    Was chapter VP , secretary , treasurer and organized the tradeshow portion of a National Conference, then chapter slowly died off. It was a great place to be a member , lots of training cources , seminars.

    Today it has been restarted but nothing like it was in the past , too many wanting to be TOP DOG and the old members are not part of things.

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    Based on the section this was posted in, CFESA may be your best option, as you will not get food equipment training/literature/certification from RSES.

    Everything depends on what your goals are.

    Certification. Internationally known RSES certifications in HVAC-R that have been around since 1933. Or nationally recognized NATE or HVAC Excellence certifications that are more recent. As well as others. What is required by your employer, municipality, state?

    Training. If there is a local chapter, the volunteer members who run it can only provide what they have the resources to cover. They should be teaching RSES courses, but like in my area, competing with several college programs and a few independent schools, with well stocked labs, we could not compete.

    Trade Association. Our RSES chapter has an average of 30 attend every month. Based upon the subject, there are always new faces. There are the benefits of the RSES Journal, chapter educational meetings, the online content that once was printed and only available at a charge, networking, the national conference which is a week long training event, state conferences with day-long programs, etc.

    You get what you give to any organization. The best way to learn something even better, is to teach it. Several of our members are instructors at college programs, but on their own.

    If there is a chapter near you, attend a few meetings and see if RSES has something for you!
    Better Service Through Knowledge...
    RSES, The HVACR Training Authority.

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