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    I'd like to find out the basics of how these work. If someone would care to share with me it would be much appreciated. I know they are usually installed at the return just prior to entering the air handler.

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    I believe they're electronically charged. So when dirt or other particles come in to contact with it they are zapped by the opposite charge of the air cleaner.

    I'm sure someone here will give you a better definition, but herse something until they do.

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    Originally posted by duckhunter
    I'd like to find out the basics of how these work. If someone would care to share with me it would be much appreciated. I know they are usually installed at the return just prior to entering the air handler.

    dirt particles flowing through the ducts first enters the pre-filters where large particles (hair, lint, etc.) are trapped. smaller particles (smoke, dust, pollen, etc.) pass through these pre-filters and enter the ionizing section. here each tiny particle receives a positive electrical charge. these charged particles then enter the collecting section. this section consists of a series of aluminum plates which are alternately charged negative and positive.

    the positive charge of the particles cause them to be repelled by the positive plates and attracted to the negative plates where they are collected...just as a magnet attracts iron fillings.

    clean-filtered air re-enters the supply duct system.

    short note about EAC's: electronic air cleaners create a small amount of ozone (O-3), usually in the .03 to .05 ppm. some people with respiratory ailments have difficulty with this, which necessitates a minor alteration of the eac's electrical section which reduces the amount of ozone. the ozone is generated by the very high dc electrical potential of the ionization grid.

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    Never have liked them. I think a lot of why that is, because no one ever maintaines them as far as if something gets caught in the wires or plates and starts shorting out. A lot of homeowners just ignor the sounds and let them keep arking out. By the time your there to service the unit the board is shot and they need a new one. If it isnt that they get tired of paying you to come out every time something does get stuck in the plates and it keeps popping. They wont fix it on their own but they dont want to pay you to do it either.

    Originally we put them in and then when the electrostatic filters came out we went that route..... maybe not a real good idea but it was a lot less problems as far as noise complainted and being able to complain being it was their job to keep the filter clean. After so many years of selling Neutron electrostatic filters we realized that once paul harvey, Walmart and everyone else was selling them we decided to go pleted being we felt it would eliminate the restriction we were seeing with electrostatic filters.

    We have never looked back and it seems like the only electronic filters we see are ones that dont work or ones that have regular filters stuck in them were the plate cells normally go. I have to say I dont miss that they seem to be going away. Not really sure which way Carrier and Lennox seem to be headed with what I have seen for advertizing on tv lately. Sounds like both of them are really looking at going toward the air quality market...... what can you say, look what we are losing to those frestanding informercial electroic air cleaners.

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    who is going to teach the homeowner?

    i don't blame the eac for the homeowners neglect, or lack of knowledge. i believe it is the responsibility of the installing contractor to educate the homeowner, and/or the enduser of the equipment. a mis-informed user will ultimately pay the price in the end.

    i wash my collecting cells once every 3 months in the dishwasher, (no detergent), keep my pre-filters clean, very rarely do i hear the static discharge (ZAP!) coming from the eac.

    addressing the pressure loss of my eac, i'm @ .02 in. w.c., was not able to acheive with any other filter medium, i've tried them all.

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