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    Quote Originally Posted by prorefco View Post
    I haven't had much luck with refrigerant dyes. Of course I only used dye a few times 20 years ago. Maybe they're better now, but I have the best luck with an H-10 and soap bubbles...

    Just scooped a H-10PM, battery powered model. I hope its as good as the 120v version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpsmith1cm View Post
    H-10 and Big Blue.

    Dtek and a lot of the others aren't up to the Gold Standard that the H-10 set a long time ago.
    thanks... did not know that about H-10 ... does Calgon, Cal-Blue LT work good as Big Blue?

    just got through testing H-10 by calibrating with test sample and replacing cotton tip. ball is floating good, seems to be working like a champ. will give it a try on my problem R-22 leak.

    tried selling my old H-10 last year on Craigslist ... no one wanted it because it was so old. sure glad no one jumped on it

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