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If the voltages between the phases are correct, you should be able to change direction and have no toasting of the motor.

Maybe there is a more detailed explanation of the sequence of events???
wolfdogs post # 22 after yours is the correct answer. Switch A phase with C phase to reverse but leave B alone.

The "sequence of events" was i replaced a 3 Phase RTU blower motor, same as old one, and added a motor starter. I needed to reverse the direction so i just picked any two phases and reversed. The starter tripped out. I took my amp probe and found the amps on each phase were way out of wack. Like 5-2.5-0 on each of the 3 phases. I then reversed things back and used the other phase. Guess what all 3 phases even out and no tripping overload.
I don't understand it completely myself and maybe wolfdog can explan it in more detail.