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    Originally posted by watercop
    either sprayfoam the attic or ...

    An astonishing amount of heat gain / loss can be avoided if the ducts are all in the conditioned space.
    Astonishing needs to be defined.

    4,500 BTUH
    (150 feet of R-6, 10" diameter at 70'F dT
    [130'F duct attic - 60 'F supply air temp] )

    or ~17% of a 3-ton unit is not Astonishing to me.
    It is perhaps somewhat signficiant, but not really astonishing.

    Therefore, with your duct in conditioned space
    you may reduce your equipment size by a 1/2-Ton.
    Designer Dan
    It's Not Rocket Science, But It is SCIENCE with "Some Art". ___ ___ K EEP I T S IMPLE & S INCERE

    Define the Building Envelope and Perform a Detailed Load Calc: It's ALL About Windows and Make-up Air Requirements. Know Your Equipment Capabilities

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    I guess it is a matter of semantics:

    If sales tax were to be raised to 17% I'd be astonished. If I received a 17% payraise I'd be astonished. If my car's mpg were to rise or fall by 17% for whatever reason I'd be astonished.

    The geeky engineer in me is astonished by the 4500 Btuh no longer lost into my attic if I invited the ducts into the house.

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    I got with my trusty contractor who sat down with me and engineered a system. 4 Ton INFINTY, he talked me out of the zoning...seems the new funky-looking 19 SEER condensing units are not quite available yet, but should be come the time my house is completed. He wrote in his proposal that should my house be completed before the new 19 SEER model is out he will provide a compatible temporary unit until it is available. 10 year warranty, will go sign his contract after i sign with the builder.

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    Can't believe he talked you out of Infinity Zoning.What did he say??

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